Maximized manhood discipleship has developed rapidly since 1999. Record of more than 15 church denominations, and hundreds of Maximized manhood camp have been running every year in largest Islam nation populated with majority of Moslem. Until now, Men discipleship has been running on 14 regions covering 80 areas/cities and disciple more than 500.000 men.

Ed Cole’s works through his books have been formulated in such a fashion to be an effective discipleship material in many formats from men’s meeting to men’s boot camp for almost 17 years in Indonesia. Furthermore, many pastors from churches in Indonesia have been doing Ed Cole mission to disciple men in their local churches. Church pastor should realize that man discipleship become an important issue in their congregation growth. Even though there are many model of man discipleship. Indonesia has proven in building effective discipleship model, giving impact to society.

Therefore, CMN Indonesia has an opportunity to organize LIONS ROAR ASIA with theme of GROW STRONGER: Disciple Men, Build Stronger Family, Church, and Nation. This conference will be discussed many effective methods of man discipleship in non church community as well as in church community. All men’s leaders should take this conference as a moment to dig even more in disciple men to grow to the direction of Christ fullness and eventually to complete the Great Commission.

This conference will be attended by leaders of man’s movement from 17 countries (majority Asian countries), and 250 leaders of man discipleship from all over Indonesia. They will discuss and share many effective tips of man discipleship in Indonesia. A number of pastors will be the speaker on learning how to build man principles in church as well as in other community.


Features :


Together praise and worship Jesus as a part of God’s kingdom culture. Men are declaring the message that Jesus is the SOURCE. Join us in “stronger” atmosphere at Abbalove Church Jakarta, Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 19.00. Seat is limited!


A moment of witnessing and commissioning men, raising and setting standard of Christlike Manhood. More than 200 men who accomplish men discipleship modules will be commissioned to reach and teach other men. Commissioning signifies that a man has paid the process of being trained, taught and completed the men’s discipleship module. They will declare a commitment and ready to carry out God-given mandate to reach men around the world. In this moment, all conference participants will receive special messages and prayers from the speakers. Held on October 7, 2016 at 19.00, Moria Hall, Abbalove Church Jakarta.

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“A leader may draw a crowd, but he will never change a nation until he disciples a man!”

– Paul Louis Cole –